The Art of Storytelling Via Different Media – Exploring The Last Ring Home

How important would you say storytelling is in your life (personally and/or professionally)? It’s an artform that I’ve been exploring ever since school and I continue to search for recipes, insights, inspiration and… great stories. One of the challenges in this … Continue reading

Decoding the Business Trends for 2016 – Bits, Bytes and Bozos

Every two years I like to put out my predictions of business trends — with a heavy marketing bias — for the upcoming year. Reviewing those I made for 2012 and 2014 and now looking at the predictions for 2016, there are some new … Continue reading

Wifi in store – To do and what not to do

For retail outlets looking to take the digital bulls by the horns, one of the actions I tend to recommend ‘wholesale’ is to offer free wifi in store. For certain types of outlets, wifi should be considered mandatory. At times, … Continue reading

Content Distribution – via virality, shareability or media buy?

After getting on the social media bandwagon, brands are rushing to content marketing like gold diggers to the open pit. But, just like for gold diggers, the real issue may be the distribution, not the gold in the pit. More … Continue reading

Wibbitz – the play button of the web and Netexplo 2014 Grand Prize Winner (MDE96)

Minter Dialogue Episode #96 This interview is with the two founders of Wibbitz, Zohar Dayan and Yotam Cohen. Wibbitz, the Netexplo Grand Prize Winner of 2014, is a service that creates a summarized automatic video of text on the web. … Continue reading

Whoops, where did they go? Are you more Google Search images or video?

An image or a video: which is more powerful? An image that speaks a thousand words? Or a moving image that talks a thousand images? Google Search has its own interpretation that you can read through the way it positions … Continue reading

Top trends for marketing in 2014

The beginning of the year is time to take stock of new initiatives and directions. I started with a post on the 3 key words for 2014.  While there is nothing flagrantly new in the items I am promoting as … Continue reading

Digital in the retail space – Friend or Foe? Alexander McQueen flagship showcase

I made a presentation on behalf of Golden Eyes (CRM specialist services) at the Institute for French Merchandising (IFM) this week.  The presentation was entitled (in French): Digital in the Retail Space – Friend or Foe?  During the presentation I spoke … Continue reading

Scared Of Big Brother? Look Again (Over Your Shoulder) And Smile

Change the World This is sheer pleasure. You must watch this video and share it! So often, in this frightful world, we tend to focus on the negative, the fear, the worries.  Surveillance systems and social media are often given … Continue reading

Robin Block – The power of video for the individual and the brand

Minter Dialogue #39 This interview is with Robin Block (@RobinBlock), founder of Red Sky Vision, an award winning production company based in England and specializing in thought leadership films, corporate communications and animations. I met Robin and experienced his talent … Continue reading