Social media personality is vital for politics — the same reason why it’s important for business leaders

In order to get their ideas through parliament and, more broadly, to survive, politicians need to “market” their ideas. In democracies, they are voted in by their constituents and then need to keep a regular pulse on their stakeholders — those who helped vote … Continue reading

Social media tips for Small Businesses (SMB/SME)

Finding the time to understand and invest in social media to help drive the business is one of the biggest laments I hear from top executives; even more so for small businesses (SMB). For these smaller companies without an agency of … Continue reading

Gregory Pouy, talking digital transformation in big business (MDE106)

Minter Dialogue Episode #106 This interview is with Gregory Pouy, one of the better known digital marketing experts in France, and recently cited as the top 70 rising social media stars worldwide by the phenomenal Mark Schaeffer. Greg has been working with … Continue reading

Interview with Nicolas Bordas, VP of TBWA Europe: Talking digital marketing for business (MDE86)

Minter Dialogue Episode #86 This interview, recorded on January 14, 2014, is with Nicolas Bordas, VP of TBWA Europe (part of the Omnicom Group) and President of Being Worldwide, an integrated communications agency. Nicolas is very much a man who … Continue reading

Social Executive – For the boss who still doesn’t believe in tweeting

For some time, I have been waxing on about how Twitter is an invaluable tool for senior executives (e.g. Does the Boss Tweet?). The best way to use Twitter will surely vary according to the profile, the context and business objectives. … Continue reading

Chief Digital Coach – key position for digital transformation

As companies continue to grapple with unavoidable digital transformation and the concept of becoming more digital and (I would argue, by definition) more customer-focused, I tend to recommend three fundamental principles that should be established in the company: the boss … Continue reading

Does the boss tweet?

I attended the Hub Forum 2012, founded and run by Vincent Ducrey and Emmanuel Vivier, in Paris this week. It’s a grand event, attracting the luminaries of the net in France, the top brass of the French ad agencies as well … Continue reading