influencer marketing strategy

From everything I hear and read, it’s fair to say that brand marketing teams — at least at major consumer-facing companies — have all now established some kind of influencer marketing strategy. With influencer marketing platforms becoming more mainstream, funds are being diverted from “traditional” marketing to influencer campaigns and, correspondingly, specific lines are being created […]

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james monaghan evernym

Minter Dialogue with James Monaghan James Monaghan is VP Product Management at Evernym, a startup based out of Utah, building the next generation of identity infrastructure for the world. It’s a fascinating project, tackling a big challenge that is designed to enable trusted peer interactions between individuals, organizations, and objects and to give the individual […]

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will donovan atmos xr

Minter Dialogue with Will Donovan Will Donovan is founder and CEO of the non-profit Curtis Leadership Foundation, helping to prepare future leaders and innovators to embody their values, build trust, harness their inspirations and launch future-proof careers. He’s also founder and CEO of Atmos Digital, helping to deliver XR or “Extra Reality” services to companies […]

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