Time To Be Cruel? Why It’s Time To Set Our Clocks Differently

When it comes down to culture clashes, the tussle over time often is most revealing. Think about how you gauge your own tardiness. How acceptable is it to be late when you are going to : a dinner with friends … Continue reading

Why email communication doesn’t work! The key to getting your communications right

Time management has to be one of the biggest issues in today’s business world. Whether it is about “managing” your time or, more philosophically, knowing more precisely what you really want to achieve in your life, people everywhere are struggling … Continue reading

Running Out Of Time? What Your Biological Clock Does To Time Management

Time to reflect I recently saw the new Scorsese film, Hugo. While I didn’t like the film particularly (see the review here), time is certainly a central tenet of the film. Clocks abound. Hugo keeps winding {us} up the clocks… … Continue reading

Time is (not) on our side – Digital Spaghetti

If there is one phrase I hear over and over, it is: “I don’t have the time…I’m super busy.” In conjunction with an ever growing realization of the need for digital education in organizations, I believe there is an even … Continue reading