Change Is Everywhere But Will Digital Transformation Transform?

Don’t you agree that these are exhilarating times? So many of the major companies I work with are in the throes of major upheaval. Change is everywhere. Digital transformation programmes are in action all over the place. But are businesses … Continue reading

The war for digital talent – a critical battleground 

I am regularly asked by people in large organizations whether I know of “great” digital talent for hire. The wish list usually includes a series of competencies as well as proven accomplishments. I need someone really good to help drive the … Continue reading

Design mindset – The problem with engineers

In an intense discussion I had with Roy Vella, an expert in mobile, we looked at the keys to successful design. Specifically, we started by talking about the challenges in designing the customer experience. We then went on to explore the … Continue reading

Digital Eyeq – A Key To Strengthening Your Digital IQ

If you went to school more than 10 years ago, it is highly likely that you were not taught to develop your digital IQ.  Trained to have a critical eye for reviewing traditional marketing issues — such as attractive merchandising, … Continue reading

How to find storytelling talent? The pen, the picture and the philm

Telling stories There are stories (lies) and there are stories (that move).  Great storytelling is about communicating the story in a way that draws you in, makes an emotional connection.  A telling story is one where the audience leaves itching … Continue reading

Roger Federer is William Tell. Just amazing!

If you needed any extra proof that there is talent behind those hard hitting, charming chestnut brown eyes, you need to see this. Whether or not you play tennis, you will appreciate the unedited skill. Note that he is NOT … Continue reading Continue reading