Transformation and Inspiration, Up Close with Seth Godin (MDE274)

Seth Godin is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, a teacher, a multi-time big time TED talker, with a million people listening to his daily word. He has written 18 best-selling books, including The Dip, Linchpin, Purple Cow and Tribes. In this … Continue reading

The New CMO – Chief Mindset Officer: A New Seat on the Board

Over last decade, we have seen the creation of many new positions on the executive committee (generally the C remains the Chief and the O remains the Officer). These include: CRO – Revenue (in lieu of Sales) CMO – Marketing … Continue reading

How to Become the Titan of the Industry – Buy Me To the Moon!

Over the last week, we have seen a host of announced mergers and acquisition. Taken together, in my opinion, these would harken some scary conclusions. In the last week alone, we saw three acquisitions announced that show how fiercely these companies … Continue reading

Tracey Follows – understanding future trends for long-term strategic planning (MDE153)

Minter Dialogue Episode #153 — This interview is with Tracey Follows, a professional futurist, specialising in brand, communications and media futures, running the Any Day Now agency. She has worked with Google, Telefonica and a host of tech start-ups, and … Continue reading

Retail Trends – Looking at the challenges of digital in retail with Mark Brand of Thoughtworks (MDE137)

Minter Dialogue Episode #137 — This interview is with Mark Brand, Retail Analytics Director at Thoughtworks, a privately held company with 3000 employees, based out of Chicago and with offices in 12 countries. In this interview, Mark and I talk … Continue reading

3 keys to great SEO – Strategic Executive Opportunity

SEO – search engine optimization – continues to be a central tenet of website strategies. However, it tends to be a moving feast and opinions on how best to do SEO vary as much as the weather. As long as … Continue reading

Digital marketing strategy: Strategic SEO – Give before you Get

When discussing digital marketing strategy, still so often I hear talk about how to acquire fans and views for the cheapest amount.  I tend to find that a misplaced, old-fashioned discourse that will likely create accidents online and even bigger … Continue reading

Digital Marketing Rules: two nil!

Two Nil (aka 2-0) as opposed to 2.0? I frequently hear the term Digital Marketing team.  It makes me think that there is still an us versus them kind of mentality inside companies, where management is still not sure who … Continue reading