The Art of Storytelling Via Different Media – Exploring The Last Ring Home

How important would you say storytelling is in your life (personally and/or professionally)? It’s an artform that I’ve been exploring ever since school and I continue to search for recipes, insights, inspiration and… great stories. One of the challenges in this … Continue reading

The Art of Storytelling With Purpose with John Fortson, Writer and Director of Rated (MDE230)

Minter Dialogue with John FortsonJohn Fortson is a filmmaker, living in LA, who produced, directed and starred in the much acclaimed short film, Rated. His film has been selected by over 30 film festivals and won 19 awards thus far (check out … Continue reading

Storytailing à la Under Armour in Shanghai – 80% story and 20% store

During my visit to Shanghai, I visited the brand new Jing An Kerry shopping mall, situated in prime real estate downtown.  On the 4th floor, Under Armour has opened an innovative shop, truly not like others.  Storytailing: a true execution where … Continue reading

This Store is a Story: Living lessons for brand marketers

For all the talk of storytelling, we don’t often hear much about store-ytelling. On 10th avenue and 19th street in Manhattan, in West Chelsea, you ought to experience Story!  It’s a truly innovative retail concept (thanks @MarkHurst for showing to … Continue reading

The journey, the sequence, the web: what’s your story?

The power of the story Today, there is much written about storytelling. You can use storytelling as a technique for a speech.  For the more powerful brands, you can build a story, crafted out of its history. You can conceive … Continue reading