Uniqlo Digital And Social Happening – A Qualified Digitail Experience

In this second post on Uniqlo (read the first post here), I wanted to continue to explore UNIQLO’s digital marketing strategy and how they are finding ways to innovate and stay ahead of the pack. In the first post, I wrote … Continue reading

Brand Marketing: What’s the engine for your Locomoso? 59 keywords!

 Words that go So-Lo-Mo must go Co … As the So-Lo-Mo (Social-Local-Mobile) expression gradually goes mainstream, I ponder how the myndset within organizations must change to accommodate the new style(s) of marketing.  Being social is already a challenge.  Providing a … Continue reading

Making the switch: Where to find the money for your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Money … and time With people running around trying to eke out an extra ounce of productivity in every breathing minute of the day, I often hear people say “I don’t have the budget for digital, yet…”  It is a … Continue reading