Reflections after my 25th Reunion at INSEAD on Life, Leadership & Business

I arrived in Fontainebleau (France) on the heels of a lot of travel, to return to where I spent a marvellous year at the INSEAD Business School. Truth be told, the reunion spirit started virtually well before thanks to Facebook … Continue reading

How Best To Handle Those Linkedin Connection Requests?

I have written about handling Linkedin connection requests in the past, but there continues to be a thorny, never-ending stream of invitations in my Linkedin inbox. I’m sure that you, like me, get connection requests that leave you scratching your … Continue reading

Sorry Is The Hardest Word – The Daunting Future of Transparency

In a BBC report a few months ago, journalist Jackie Leonard (one of my favourites) chronicled a number of high-profile celebrities who were forced to apologise in 2016. Mixed in with the embarrassment, social media harassment and potential damage to … Continue reading

Do You Trust Mass Media? Why Digital Is Taking Over…Differently

I love it when I hear certain executives say “we’re beginning to get it.” The good news is that there is a lot of movement in big business and many brands are beginning to “transform.” However, as was highlighted in the … Continue reading

Itw with @TamaraMcCleary, Ms Relationshift – building relationships and evolving cultures (MDE147)

Minter Dialogue Episode #147 This interview is with Tamara McCleary, Ms RelationShift, who is an expert in relationships and organizational culture. An internationally recognized speaker and author, Tamara is ranked in the Top 1% of global Social Media Influencers. In … Continue reading