Three Untapped Ways To Radically Boost Your Productivity

A Freakonomics podcast from Nov 2017 discussed how productivity gains (and exponential ideas) were grinding to a halt (“Are we running out of Ideas?”). At the very least, the idea of endless productivity gains was called into question. If Moore’s … Continue reading

Is It Ever Ok To Automate Your Social Media Interactions?

On the one hand, marketers are trying desperately to find shortcuts to spare up some of their valuable time. On the other hand, there are now thousands of social media platforms offering to help “automate” the social media interactions. It … Continue reading

Driving traffic and editorial content with data, with Leon Ho, Founder of Lifehack (MDE168)

Minter Dialogue Episode #168 This interview is with Leon Ho, the founder of, a site whose purpose is to share beneficial tips for life to its over 20 million monthly visitors. In this podcast, we discuss Lifehack’s business, its community, … Continue reading

Do you have a purpose that can drive innovation?

I wrote recently about the innovation-confidentiality conundrum and how the code or veil of secrecy can have a negative impact on the spirit of creativity and innovation. The main point of that article was to invite senior management to make sure that the degree of … Continue reading

Mind the Gap – The best productivity gains are found under foot

Companies will forever continue to look for ways to make productivity gains. Consultants are brought in, new bosses plant their flags with their new big ideas, HR is called in to reduce headcount.  Sound familiar?  Yet, one of the biggest … Continue reading

6 valuable tips on how to manage your daily digital inbox

Keeping the discipline to clean your digital inbox Don’t you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of messages with which you have to deal? The challenge is that, as fast as you might curtail, prune or cut off incoming media, … Continue reading

The five greatest productivity tools: Dropbox #1 of 5

It still takes time to save time… Below is the first of a “thread” on the five best productivity enhancing tools that I use on a regular basis.  What I find is as important as the specific tool itself is … Continue reading