Nothing Personal, It’s Business — Why This Is A Dangerous Phrase

Have you ever heard the phrase: Nothing personal, it’s business” The hairs on the back of my neck bristle at the thought. This type of pre-emptive sentence is a barely veiled attempt to temper the blow. It typically accompanies a severe and/or … Continue reading

Why Branding Gets Personal – And How To Mix Personal With Professional

As much as some cultures and companies try to refrain from mixing personal and professional, reality is that these two spheres are inevitably intertwined. For this reason alone, I keep emphasizing the mantra: branding gets personal. And I believe that the sooner … Continue reading

Social media personality is vital for politics — the same reason why it’s important for business leaders

In order to get their ideas through parliament and, more broadly, to survive, politicians need to “market” their ideas. In democracies, they are voted in by their constituents and then need to keep a regular pulse on their stakeholders — those who helped vote … Continue reading

BYOD – 3 reasons why management needs to get with the program

In the ongoing evolution at the workplace, nothing makes the challenge of digital transformation more urgent and tangible than the question of access to the internet and the use of personal devices, characterized by the term BYOD (bring your own … Continue reading

Putting The Are Back Into Brand – Why It’s Important That Branding Gets Personal

Some industries — such as fashion, food, magazine — seem to have a wildly plethoric spread of brands.  So many brands, so little distinction or personality.  In this post, I want to push further why it’s important that any marketing branding … Continue reading

Yours Personally Professionally

Facebook’s sweeping success is, in very large part, because it is a hybrid social media, brokering the gap of personal and professional.  The rules of the social media game privilege ‘personal’ communications; and companies that manage to insert personal-ity into … Continue reading