The Art of Embracing Imperfection For Real Progress

To accept imperfection is perhaps the most complicated of attitudes to adopt in business. It’s almost antithetical to everything senior business executives have been trained to do. In some regards, however, I would suggest it’s a core mindset for an … Continue reading

To Dictate Or Collaborate – Is It Better To Have Vision Or Listen Intently…?

In a recent conversation I had with a CEO of an online site, we exchanged on the almost conflicting nature of giving bold direction and vision versus empathic collaboration and listening skills. On the one hand, if we adhere to the … Continue reading

Is It Right To Aim For 100%? The Quest(ion) For Perfection

At school (at least in the US), we are taught to aim for 100 out of 100. It seems that grade inflation has made a perfect score far too attainable. It’s a phenomenon that is rife at all higher institutions, including … Continue reading