Rules of Engagement – Classic Case of The Shoemaker Wearing Bad Shoes

I was invited to attend a press meeting to announce a repositioning of sorts of Relaxnews, run by Jerome and Pierre Doncieux, that was purchased by Publicis in July 2015. Relaxnews is setting itself out to be a press agency, including consultancy, … Continue reading

Do you suffer from a vendor mindset?

It is a burgeoning reality that businesses need to work faster, better and with greater agility. Big businesses are, for the most part, undergoing a necessary transformation. As part of the “agile” spirit, big companies are needing not only to work … Continue reading

Which bonds more: Strong partnerships or a common enemy?

This MasterCard MasterPass full page ad below was on the back of Section A of the Wall Street Journal (US edition) this past Saturday. It really caught my attention for a number of reasons, not least of which is because … Continue reading

Social Media Conversion – Why converting from one platform to another will become a major headache

In my former life at L’Oreal, in the professional products division (selling professional products to hairdressers), we used to spend a lot of time trying to convert a hairdressing salon from one hair color range to another.  When a color … Continue reading

The Art of Tennis — the leadership metaphor

Two people yesterday spoke to me about an overwhelming link between the mindset of a great tennis player and the mindset of a great leader. Not that I am going to make a definitive analysis here, but a couple of … Continue reading