How To Get Real Twitter Followers – The Musician’s Lesson! cc @Davidrsmyth

The Evening Standard (London) published an article by David Smyth on “How to be a Twitter hitter.”  Without evoking the poetic license of a Pied Piper, the article provides the golden rules for how a pop star should build his … Continue reading

How to make an engaging post: greatest lessons learned from the Obama campaign

Old School Comms For those of us brought up in the old school of “Communications”, we tended to consider a communication tantamount to a broadcast.  ”Get that message out there!” I can hear the echo of some old bosses.  On … Continue reading

Picking apart a Facebook page: some key tips and throwaways

In my ongoing analysis of the Presidential campaigns, I thought I might stop and look at the Facebook page layouts that Romney and Obama had.  Some good and bad points, in my opinion.  Whether I am right or wrong, the … Continue reading

The unfair weather knell of democratic politics

We are in changing times (once again) and I must say that the picture reminds me of the grey and rainy may day (ie. help!) we are having in London (au Secours #RadioLondres), on this Monday, May 7, 2012. As … Continue reading

Politics And The Web: Choosing The Right Digital Media Strategy

Digital Marketing by the Pols I made a presentation a couple of weeks ago at Hotel Napoleon, at the Conference entitled “Innovation Napoleon.”  This conference, at which I have made a number of presentations, unites a heterogeneous crowd around digital … Continue reading

Twitter Political Heads of State

I tweeted recently about the state of the Twitter business as far as Heads of State were concerned.  With the arrival of new kid on the block, Hugo Chavez (you rebel, you) and the upcoming general election in the UK, … Continue reading Continue reading

Cricket Twenty20 : Afghanistan versus United States in 2010 WCQ

“Cricket: Afghanistan versus United States in 2010” Who would have ever thought that these words could be strung together? I was alerted to this potentially potent sporting event coming up next week via an article in the London Times, entitled, … Continue reading

V for Victory or V for V Painful? Obama and Michelle see things differently….

This photograph from the UK’s Guardian newspaper (17 Sept 2009) caught my attention initially for the curious position, in the foreground, of the unfortunate person on the receiving end of a flip in a judo exhibition. Then I zeroed in … Continue reading

Obama to bring bullet trains (TGV Shinkansen style) to USA

There are plenty of surprising deficiencies in the US, it being the number 1 world power (still).  I have  written previously about the poor state of education (at the high school level) in the US and the insufficient medical coverage … Continue reading