How Best To Optimise Your LinkedIn Networking?

Have you noticed any changes in LinkedIn recently? Are you over– or under-whelmed by the LinkedIn experience? Regularly, I can say that I feel rather frustrated with the constant flood of connection requests. I would say that LinkedIn networking is not … Continue reading

What’s the best way to connect with people on LinkedIn?

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Stand Out in a Crowd. Dorie Clark Talks About How To Develop Your Expertise (MDE163)

Minter Dialogue Episode #163 This interview is with Dorie Clark, marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to a number of big titles, including the Harvard Business Review, TIME and the World Economic Forum blog. Dorie is also author … Continue reading

Gravity interview via Robert Scoble – Interesting Networking!

Letting your interests interface with your network You might enjoy this interview from Robert Scoble of Amit Kapor, former COO of MySpace and now CEO of Gravity .  They have launched a free service, Twinterest — in a case of … Continue reading Continue reading