Padding Your Budget For Test & Learn And Making Mistakes

I bet it’s frustrating working in a large organisation and to keep hearing about “test & learn” or “fail fast” or “agile management” when management behaviour contradicts the words. If recent history is any indicator of the future, companies will … Continue reading

Why Spelling Mistakes And Grammar Errors (Are Different And) Both Count!

Considering most computers come with spell checkers, it seems hard to imagine how an important document can ever have spelling mistakes. Not that my blog — with over 1300 posts — or my books are without mistakes, but when you have a … Continue reading

Social media tips for Small Businesses (SMB/SME)

Finding the time to understand and invest in social media to help drive the business is one of the biggest laments I hear from top executives; even more so for small businesses (SMB). For these smaller companies without an agency of … Continue reading

Making mistakes and fessing up: Lessons for brand marketers

The Cults of Perfection and Secrecy A couple of days ago (Sept 28) both the US Intelligence and Apple did something simultaneously and quite counter cultural: they both admitted that they had made mistakes.  Both the US intelligence and Apple … Continue reading