The Limits of Online Transparency Behind the Glass Door

The other day, I was wondering what sites like Glassdoor (skews North American), Comparably  (skews US and heavily tech) and ChooseMyCompany (based in Paris, formerly, that shine a light on the insides of a company, might be able to tell me … Continue reading

How Beautiful is L’Oreal’s Future? How Bright Are Your Future Prospects?

In today’s tumultuous times, it takes more than reading tea leaves to predict your future prospects. I read with not a little interest a couple of recent articles about my former employer, L’Oreal, the #1 beauty company in the world. … Continue reading

What’s The Expected Lifespan Of Your Company? Why Should You Care?

The average lifespan of a publicly traded company continues to fall. Depending on who you listen to, the number is now below 18 years. That number has dropped from 61 in 1958 and 25 in 1980. That’s what was reported … Continue reading

Founders Factory – An Accelerator With a Difference with George Northcott (MDE208)

Minter Dialogue with George Northcott This interview is with George Northcott, co-founder and head of business development at the Founders Factory, an accelerator with great ambitions and very interesting business model. Closely affiliated with the Founders Forum, the Founders Factory … Continue reading

UX Design Thinking – Secrets Of The Perfect User Experience in the Bathroom

User experience and design thinking is all the rage these days. Yet, I am aghast at how often the design of toilets (aka bathrooms or loos) is regularly overlooked. Sure, there may be stylish or trendy wash basins; but they … Continue reading

The Big Problem When Executives Fail To Create A Social Presence

Many times I have come to talk with/to a group of senior executives about digital marketing and new tech and, in my pre-work, discover how poorly represented they are on social media. As some of you will know, I’ve long … Continue reading

How and Why Customer Care Can Lead Digital Transformation – Celine Dumais at L’Oreal USA (MDE189)

Minter Dialogue Episode #189 This interview is with Celine Dumais, in charge of Customer Care for L’Oreal USA, but with a wider strategy role for customer care for the Americas. In this podcast, we talk about the challenges of customer … Continue reading

Think Dirty, An App To Help Understand The Safety of Cosmetics (MDE179)

Minter Dialogue Episode #179 This interview is with Lily Tse, founder of Think Dirty App. Based out of Toronto, Lily has made it her mission to make transparent the potential risks that are hidden in the list of ingredients of … Continue reading

The Battle Of The Beauty Portal

In the beauty business – just as in any FMCG sector, be it food, fashion, household care or appliances – there is a handful of multinational conglomerates that each own a whole corpus of brands, most of which compete with one another. To the extent a conglomerate owns … Continue reading

Can A Niche Brand Really Stay Indie Once It Is Acquired?

There are a number of industries where the big titans seem to prefer buying up small niche brands rather than grow their own. If the internal innovation isn’t sufficient and the organic growth is not enough, the natural option quickly becomes … Continue reading