Are we all in a giant internet shaped crucible? Guest post by Manish Gajria

The power of A and B Any internet/ecommerce product manager worth his or her salt knows that the best way to learn about your customers is to ask them. However, operating in the equivalent of an earth-sized shopping mall with … Continue reading

Behaving Like A Nouveau Riche On Social Media? Guest Post By @yendial

The End of Smug I enjoy Tatler magazine, so British, so chic. In this June issue, an article by Gavanndra Hodge (handle: @gavanndra), entitled, “The end of smug,” puzzled me at first. Was it smug, snug, or snog? The end … Continue reading

The Art of Conversation by @yendial – How does it differ from a discussion, chat or dialogue?

Guest post by Yendi Dial Recently, on my favorite TV channel in France, ARTe, I came across a programme named ”Philosophie” on the Art of Conversation.  Isn’t it so French l’art de la conversation? The French love to talk, discuss, … Continue reading

Guest Post On Brian Solis’ Blog: The Age Of Transparency (in France)

For those of you not on my mailing list (please do sign up here if you enjoy my blog’s content), I recently had a guest article published on Brian Solis’ blog.*  This article, which analyzes the digital campaigns of the two … Continue reading

To FB or not FB? – Guest post by Lili Tarkow-Reinisch

*Contains strong language If it’s about lovin’ Jesus – Tell him, not me. Hell, why not add him as a friend? You should be able to do that. Or, even better, Tweet him! Apparently he’s got a lot of followers. … Continue reading

The Amazing Internet – Guest post by Victor Dial

The Amazing Internet – Guest post by my father, Victor Dial I know it’s a cliché, but isn’t it amazing what you can find on the internet? Two recent occasions come to mind: The first was when, some days ago, … Continue reading