Sexual Harassment: How To Evaluate And When To Pardon? Is Grace Ever Possible?

With all the mounting accusations of sexual misconduct by men in power, I have had several conversations in different countries — with men and women — that have made me pause. To date, there have been at least 40 well-known … Continue reading

Women’s Day 2010 – The French Equilibrium

In Paris, yesterday, I attended a conference hosted by the MEDEF (the union of employers in France), where the ORSE (Observatory of Societal Responsibility in Enterprises) was promoting among other things the arrival of a new book, « Patrons Papas: paroles de … Continue reading

#LeWeb 2009 Paris Conference: Part III of III

This post was originally published on Dec 14 2009 on a new defunct blog.  It is the third in a series of the key learnings from LeWeb 2009 conference (Dec 9-10). As I have written before, I attended the LeWeb … Continue reading

GEF 2009 Ipsos Study on Women in Business in France – 10 measure manifesto

I attended a GEF (Grandes Ecoles au Feminin [1]) conference yesterday, here in Paris, at which I listened to the results of an Ipsos study entitled, “How to improve the mix of women in management [in France].” You can read … Continue reading

Measuring Quality of Life – A review between France and USA

As part of my Franco-American profile, I am naturally drawn to reading about comparisons and competition between France and the US. I came across this May 2009 article, France Beats America, which describes France’s epicurean passion for “living it up” … Continue reading

V for Victory or V for V Painful? Obama and Michelle see things differently….

This photograph from the UK’s Guardian newspaper (17 Sept 2009) caught my attention initially for the curious position, in the foreground, of the unfortunate person on the receiving end of a flip in a judo exhibition. Then I zeroed in … Continue reading

Cherie Blair delivers opening speech at MEDEF Universite d’Ete 2009

If the plight of children and the role of women is the key issue for the  MEDEF Summer University [Universite d’Ete] 2009, Ms. Cherie Blair was a wonderful choice to open the conference. If her speech felt a little long, … Continue reading

Mixing it up in the French Government – Model of diversity?

In a democratic sense, the Government is the representation of the people.  As such, you might expect the notion of “fair” representation to be more heralded by the latest Sarkozy government, ushered in the last week of June 2009.  The … Continue reading

You can be a Fantoo – sports viewed by serious women fans

Women are sports fans… too! That’s the notion behind Fantoo, featuring a blog and downloadable podcast (mp3 via iTunes here). A far cry from the Italian women “sports journalists” that are sported on television programs (“il calcio“) in Italy, Fantoo … Continue reading