Who Bears The Cost Of Responsibility? Why Business Leaders Need To Change Their Habits

Last week (July 3), Tencent’s market value dropped $15 billion. On a total base of $330 billion, that’s a 5% haircut. The media’s narrative was that the stock price drop was due to an announcement by Tencent that they were going … Continue reading

Why Pure ROI Just Doesn’t Make Sense

C-suite managers are educated, trained and stubbornly married to Return on Investment (ROI). Of course, we have to make sure the business is profitable, but the obsession with profits first has significant downsides. As a result of a focus on ROI, … Continue reading

How To Make Your Workforce Engaged And Happy? Henry Stewart Has A Happy Manifesto (MDE212)

Minter Dialogue with Henry Stewart This interview is with Henry Stewart, founder and CEO of the London-based training business Happy Ltd. Happy was rated one of the top 20 workplaces in the UK for 5 successive years and now helps … Continue reading

Enabling Superior Employee Engagement with Cathy Brown (MDE209)

Minter Dialogue with Cathy Brown This interview is with Cathy Brown, Executive Director at Engage for Success, a social movement committed to releasing the capabilities of employees to improve performance and enhance wellbeing. In this podcast, we discuss the different enablers … Continue reading

Building Brands With Simplicity and Surprise with Margaret Molloy, CMO at Siegel+Gale (MDE196)

Minter Dialogue with Margaret Molloy This interview is with Margaret Molloy, CMO and Head of Business Development at Siegel+Gale, a premier global strategic branding firm, part of the Omnicom Group. Margaret is a regular on lists of the most influential … Continue reading

9 Reasons Why Your Digital Transformation Won’t Work…

Everywhere you look, companies are knee-deep in some form of digital transformation program. To the extent the subject is high up on the ExCom’s list of priorities, the most likely conclusion is that the company feels that they are late to the … Continue reading

How To Drive High-Performance Leadership With Heidi Spirgi From The Marcus Buckingham Co. (MDE172)

Minter Dialogue Episode #172 This interview is with Heidi Spirgi, head of product and services at The Marcus Buckingham Company, providing research, tools and coaching for high performance leadership. In this discussion, we look at the role of leadership in … Continue reading

How to set yourself up for success at your new job

In a fabulous 2008 HBR article, “How Star Women Build Portable Skills,” written by HBS Professor Boris Groysberg, he describes how women (Wall Street analysts) were more likely to ask the tough questions before being hired. Women look at the culture of … Continue reading

Feedback loop – How and why companies can raise their game

The larger brick & mortar companies that are transforming into the digital era typically have their hands very full. It is a tricky path to weave, maintaining the current business flow, while fundamentally changing the longer-term mindset. The leadership teams are working on such … Continue reading

Living the brand within a corporation

There is corporate strategy, then there is brand strategy. There are corporate communications and corporate shareholders; then there are employees and customers. There are corporate values, policies and procedures and then there is innovation, digital and customer centricity… There are … Continue reading