The Big Data Play in Journalism is Data Journalism

Having attended the Global Editors Network Summit 2016 in Vienna and hosted the 2016 Data Journalism Awards (DJA), I was impressed by how much data journalism is evolving. In this year’s DJA competition, there were 471 entries coming from over 50 countries … Continue reading

Using Data To Drive The Editorial Calendar At Mashable With Haile Owusu (MDE158)

Minter Dialogue Episode #158 This interview is with Haile Owusu, Chief Data Scientist at Mashable. I met Haile after he gave a keynote at GEN2015 and wanted to dive into how data is being used at Mashable to drive the … Continue reading

Interview With @odile_roujol, Chief Strategy And Chief Data Officer At Orange France (mde119)

Minter Dialogue Episode #119 — This interview is with Odile Roujol, Chief Strategy and Data Officer at Orange France. This is Odile’s second time on the show; last time it was when she was SVP of Brand and Communications at … Continue reading

MDE44: @AmySchlein, CubeYou For Deeper Facebook Marketing

Minter Dialogue #44 This interview is with Amy Schlein, whom I met at Le Web 2012 in Paris.  Amy is Marketing Director at CubeYou, an innovative platform that allows marketers to mine and analyze data inside Facebook, well beyond the … Continue reading