How To Optimize Your Mobile Marketing With Oisin Lunny (MDE213)

Minter Dialogue with Oisin Lunny This interview is with Oisin Lunny, speaker, musician and mobile expert. Oisin is Senior Marketing Development Manager and roving evangelist at Open Market, a mobile engagement platform for enterprise. In this conversation, we talk about … Continue reading

Is It Ever Ok To Automate Your Social Media Interactions?

On the one hand, marketers are trying desperately to find shortcuts to spare up some of their valuable time. On the other hand, there are now thousands of social media platforms offering to help “automate” the social media interactions. It … Continue reading

The Privacy of SMS – How Companies Should Leverage This Channel

When configuring the settings to my phone, I tend to turn off basically all notifications. My conviction is that it is just not advisable or desirable to become the victim of the whims of others. As it is, I get … Continue reading

Twitter’s 10th Birthday – A Huge Missed Opportunity

Imagine this: your brand is given a unique opportunity to touch ALL of your customers. The press — one of your most fanatic users and stout defenders — is excited to talk about it. You have deep knowledge of many of the … Continue reading

Massimo Fubini, CEO of ContactLab, using data to drive direct marketing (MDE178)

Minter Dialogue Episode #178 This interview is with Massimo Fubini, CEO and founder of ContactLab, an Italian provider of digital marketing services with offices in five cities across Europe. Having evolved from email marketing services, ContactLab is now at the … Continue reading

Branding Gets Impersonal – Happy New Year Wishes by A.Person

It seems that the new year is as good a reason to send out an email to one’s database. It’s always interesting to see how and to what extent brands try to use such ”obvious” occasions to generate sales. Some brands are … Continue reading

eWalking In Your Customers’ Shoes! A Warning Signal For Executives

Would you describe yourself as a business executive, working furiously to drive the business? Are you also an individual who, weeknights and weekends, lives at home? Of course, this description should include most of us. Yet, so many executives somehow … Continue reading

Here’s A Gift You Don’t Want To Receive. @british_airways’ Most Unimpressive Error

British Airways , which as many of you might have followed is NOT on my favorite airline list (see here for how they handled my downgrade), is at it again. Two people in my network wrote me to tell me … Continue reading

Interview with David Ohayon, Chief Digital Officer at John Paul, white label concierge services and CRM technology

Minter Dialogue Episode #127 This interview is David Ohayon, Chief Digital Officer at John Paul, providing concierge services for companies in Europe. Whether as part of value-add for a fidelity program, a service for a premium brand or as a … Continue reading

Birthday greetings – social media breakout, bonanza or bozo trip?

Happ-eBirthday Ok, so this year was supposed to be a BIG one for me. I hit the half century. Before you feel a need to send in belated birthday greetings, I insist that the purpose of this birthday post is merely to … Continue reading