How To Craft And Get Reach With Your Message With Alan Stevens (MDE234)

Minter Dialogue with Alan StevensAlan Stevens is known as THE Media Coach. He’s a reputation specialist, journalist, PR expert, speaker and author. In this podcast, Alan and I discuss the art of storytelling in this frenetic world and the challenge of … Continue reading

How Best to Handle A Crisis – Erik Bernstein Talks Crisis Management (MDE194)

Minter Dialogue with Erik Bernstein This interview is with Erik Bernstein, Vice President at Bernstein Crisis Management. Working alongside his father, the renowned Jonathan Bernstein, the publisher of Crisis Manager and author of Keeping the Wolves at Bay, Erik has … Continue reading

eCrisis? Whose eCrisis? Have you defined the roles & responsibilities?

Whose line is it anyway? In business, communication has long been and continues to be equated to a one-way outward-bound message.  Whether we’re talking Corporate Communications, P.R., marketing or even Human Resources, companies have used communication much like propaganda.  Today, … Continue reading