Driving Digital Transformation at the BBC with Dmitry Shishkin (MDE258)

Dmitry Shishkin is Digital Editor at the BBC World Service, shaping the evolution of the famed BBC World Service in the digital age. He’s also overseeing the languages digital product requirements, helping the expansion into the strategic “need” and “want” … Continue reading

“The digital disruption will be greater in France than in other countries” by @martelf

In a speech delivered on the occasion of Yahoo’s 20th anniversary, Frédéric Martel, journalist (NPR, France Culture) and author (Smart, Survey of the internets Stock editions, April 2014), said a sentence that piqued my interest: Every time I return from my … Continue reading

Transparency. Whose line is it anyway?

We live in an increasingly transparent world, like it or not. In the wake of the SONY hack attack, I have been ruminating about the request by the company for the media NOT to broadcast the private (and embarrassing) emails. … Continue reading

Comic at Work. How much personality and sense of humor should you bring to work?

Mitch Joel , the inspiring content provider and a role model for me personally, recently recorded yet another stirring podcast, entitled “Laughing all the way to the Bank with James Altucher.” In this podcast, Mitch and James discuss their shared … Continue reading

What every CEO needs to know about Digital Marketing

Groundwork for digital marketing The first things a CEO needs to evaluate, in order to create and apply an effective digital marketing strategy, are threefold: A very clear objective of what he/she wishes to achieve in digital that the company has not previously achieved before … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons Why Empathy Is A Bad Idea For Business

People talk quite a lot about empathy as an important quality of modern leaders. There are blogs and sites vaunting its beneficial powers (See below for a good list of resources).  The issue is that empathy is not a natural … Continue reading

What is your mark? Looking for the miracle beauty cream for your brand culture

Have you ever noticed, when you walk down the street, that you think you can tell the personality of a person by the wrinkles on his or her face?  It seems obvious that the wrinkles caused by smiling or frowning … Continue reading