Fighting the tension between privacy and freedom of speech

Having just spent a week at South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin Texas, I heard a number of recurrent themes throughout many of the panels and sessions I attended. Two of the themes struck me as most paradoxical: the right … Continue reading

Getting your legal T’s and I’s straightened out with social media – Interview with Sophie Goossens (MDE145)

Minter Dialogue Episode #145 This interview is with Sophie Goossens, a practicing lawyer at August & Debouzy, who is on the cutting edge of legal issues in the digital space. Having met at SXSW, we struck up a number of … Continue reading

MDE51: Roland Whitehead, CEO of Quru – The World of Open Source solutions

Minter Dialogue #51 This interview is with Roland Whitehead, CEO and founder of Quru. Quru is an IT services company specialized in Linux and other open source solutions, and is the fastest-growing Red Hat solution provider in the UK. In … Continue reading