Why We Should All Take More Responsibility … Of Our Communications

How much responsibility do you take for your life and its current outcome? Chances are, you like me, have a self-awareness that is not as finely tuned as it needs to be. I certainly know I struggle with it myself! In our … Continue reading

Why Many Executives Fail… Big Time… And What To Do About It?

Big business is under siege. The turnover of senior executives has been following in the paths of the troubled results of so many well known brand names. Daily, I read about executives failing and/or being fired. You see big name … Continue reading

How To Craft And Get Reach With Your Message With Alan Stevens (MDE234)

Minter Dialogue with Alan StevensAlan Stevens is known as THE Media Coach. He’s a reputation specialist, journalist, PR expert, speaker and author. In this podcast, Alan and I discuss the art of storytelling in this frenetic world and the challenge of … Continue reading

Communication Meltdown – Overcoming One Of The Biggest Ills of Business

How often do you get frustrated with the way people communicate with you? It seems it’s an issue that comes up time and again, whether it is communicating with a colleague, a member of your family or with some corporate or … Continue reading

Social Marketing in the Digital Age – Lessons Learned by Chris Palmedo at CUNY School of Public Health (MDE195)

Minter Dialogue with Chris Palmedo This interview is with Chris Palmedo, Associate Professor of Marketing, Media and Communications, CUNY (City University of New York) School of Public Health. In this podcast, we discuss the rise and importance of social marketing. … Continue reading

Communication Anxiety – You Are How You Communicate

 After a post I wrote last week about burn out, I was gifted some wonderful comments. They were not comments one might easily publish since, at the end of the day, they represent some of our deepest fears, issues and convictions. … Continue reading

BYOD – 3 reasons why management needs to get with the program

In the ongoing evolution at the workplace, nothing makes the challenge of digital transformation more urgent and tangible than the question of access to the internet and the use of personal devices, characterized by the term BYOD (bring your own … Continue reading

Mde45: Interview With @odile_roujol, Svp Brand And Communications At Orange France

Minter Dialogue #45 This interview is with Odile Roujol, a friend and ex-colleague from my days at L’Oreal and now SVP, in charge of Brand and Communications for the French telco giant, Orange. Being the delivery mechanism across all our … Continue reading

With Innovation, How To Find A Balance Between Strategy And Communications?

I have been to several conferences or read in the news about how X company is pre-announcing a new revolution that will be launched in… 2014.   For some of us, that feels like a century away. Last week, for … Continue reading

Why We Have To Rename The Director Of Communications To…

The Unwanted Commy In English, “Comms” has long been the abbreviation for communications.  In French, the term is “la Comm.”  In both cases, the associated meaning is typically reduced to a rather unfortunate, if not pejorative, activity of one-way, manipulative … Continue reading