Mr CMO – Are You Ready For A Perilous Mission? Here’s where the real challenge lies

We are all pretty familiar with seeing the title of CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) in Executive Boardrooms. It’s probably both the most exciting and most precarious position to hold these days in the C-suite. It was reported in a 2015 … Continue reading

Interview with David Ohayon, Chief Digital Officer at John Paul, white label concierge services and CRM technology

Minter Dialogue Episode #127 This interview is David Ohayon, Chief Digital Officer at John Paul, providing concierge services for companies in Europe. Whether as part of value-add for a fidelity program, a service for a premium brand or as a … Continue reading

Digital Transformation via Georges-Edouard Dias @gedias, ex Chief Digital Officer at L’Oreal (MDE117)

Minter Dialogue Episode #117 — This interview is with Georges-Edouard Dias, my former digital sparring partner and ex-CDO at L’Oreal, and now co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Quantstreams Agency, helping big companies master customer data. In this interview, we … Continue reading

Check out what @Sree Sreenivasan is doing as Chief Digital Officer at the Met (MDE116)

Minter Dialogue Episode #116 — This interview is with Sree Sreenivasan (@sree), Chief Digital Officer at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Taking the grand dame of the Met into the new age has been Sree’s journey. In this interview, … Continue reading

Can a CEO “get” the digital mindset without “being” digital?

Can an executive claim to have a digital mindset and understand how to use and invest in digital tools and applications if he/she is not actively using the digital tools and platforms? This is a profoundly important question for companies engaged … Continue reading

What every CEO needs to know about Digital Marketing

Groundwork for digital marketing The first things a CEO needs to evaluate, in order to create and apply an effective digital marketing strategy, are threefold: A very clear objective of what he/she wishes to achieve in digital that the company has not previously achieved before … Continue reading