How To Gauge And Boost Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

From everything I hear and read, it’s fair to say that brand marketing teams — at least at major consumer-facing companies — have all now established some kind of influencer marketing strategy. With influencer marketing platforms becoming more mainstream, funds … Continue reading

The 9 1/2 Truths About Human Nature and What Brands Need To Do About Them

We are all quite aware that the times they are a changing… but it’s worth remembering that there are certain facets of human nature that have not changed. Over the summer weeks of reflection, I thought it worth putting down … Continue reading

Brand Content: Turning “It’s interesting to “That’s stimulating content”

After someone asks you “What do you think?”, have you ever caught yourself saying, “Yes, um, it’s interesting.” It’s one of those nonsense statements, especially without any qualification. Like when you are in a museum and you see a piece … Continue reading

Trust me not marketing. Why some brands continue to lose the plot

Some brands are brought up on a particular style of communication. Type face, Pantone color, size and brand position are all highly regulated across a specific set of formats. Inked in so-called brand charters, these brands insist on a rigidly defined set of … Continue reading

Jeremy Goldman on eCommerce, Digital Marketing and Branding (MDE80)

Minter Dialogue Episode #80 This interview, recorded on October 23, 2013, is with Jeremy Goldman, aka @Jeremarketer, who has started his own agency, Firebrand Group, based in Manhattan. Sharing a passion for branding and digital, and having both passed through … Continue reading

Tesco Redcurrant Jelly, Out of the Box Marketing?

Sometimes you come across some of the most unlikely marketing maneuvers, presumably designed as out of the box marketing. A marketing manager’s refrain might be: “just slap NEW onto it” and people will come running! {Click to Tweet!} I recently … Continue reading

Brand Authenticity And The Value Of Celebrity Endorsement

What’s your opinion of the celebrity endorsement as a marketing investment? To what extent can an external spokesperson be an authentic representative of a brand?  If your brand has (or more likely wants to “achieve”) authenticity, is it a good … Continue reading

How to identify influencers on social media?

If you want to get your message out, there is nothing like good word of mouth.  But, when the recommendation is out of the mouth of an influencer, that’s word of mouth on steroids.  {Click to Tweet!}  So how, as … Continue reading

Google Blue. What’s in a color? Brand marketing 101

Do you agree that one of the pleasures of the web is the Facebook connect or Twitter connect button?  It saves that downer of having to store and retrieve yet another password.  Okay, so it also poses a risk that … Continue reading

How to grow your Twitter following?

If you want to know how to grow your Twitter following, I observe that there are five clear methods to do so.  The bad news is that there is no free and easy path, unless you are perhaps already a mega star.  … Continue reading