Benevolent Big Brother – 3 reasons why you absolutely need to have one

Unless you have been living in a cave, you now have an idea to what extent big brother is watching over you. Every day, there is worrying talk or media coverage around cyber-spying, cyber-criminality and privacy incursions, not to mention the data gathering by … Continue reading

Polarizing Issues – Is your mind leading you down the wrong path?

The personal mindset sets the tone It should be no surprise, but the way we view life personally is important in business. I believe, however, that we are now entering a phase where the boundary between personal and professional is … Continue reading

Scared Of Big Brother? Look Again (Over Your Shoulder) And Smile

Change the World This is sheer pleasure. You must watch this video and share it! So often, in this frightful world, we tend to focus on the negative, the fear, the worries.  Surveillance systems and social media are often given … Continue reading