The Limits of Online Transparency Behind the Glass Door

The other day, I was wondering what sites like Glassdoor (skews North American), Comparably  (skews US and heavily tech) and ChooseMyCompany (based in Paris, formerly, that shine a light on the insides of a company, might be able to tell me … Continue reading

How Beautiful is L’Oreal’s Future? How Bright Are Your Future Prospects?

In today’s tumultuous times, it takes more than reading tea leaves to predict your future prospects. I read with not a little interest a couple of recent articles about my former employer, L’Oreal, the #1 beauty company in the world. … Continue reading

Think Dirty, An App To Help Understand The Safety of Cosmetics (MDE179)

Minter Dialogue Episode #179 This interview is with Lily Tse, founder of Think Dirty App. Based out of Toronto, Lily has made it her mission to make transparent the potential risks that are hidden in the list of ingredients of … Continue reading

BOF – The Business of Fashion – A great business case

BOF is a funny old word. In French, “bof” basically is the equivalent of a verbal, almost indolent, shrug of the shoulders. However, BOF is also the Business of Fashion, a fabulous online resource for anyone in fashion, that was … Continue reading

Battle for the Soul of Paris…

How can a beautiful Paris keep its soul? This is basically the question posed in this great article in The Guardian: “Battle for the Soul of a City” by Andrew Hussey. Turned onto this article by Notes from Paris (thanks … Continue reading

The State of Contemporary Art & Ads as New Art

In a world suffering from an overabundance of ‘contemporary’ moder art, is it not possible that advertisements will be the best “representation” of our era? Surely, this is what Firebrand TV is counting on (opens Oct 22 2007). The plethora … Continue reading