Social media personality is vital for politics — the same reason why it’s important for business leaders

In order to get their ideas through parliament and, more broadly, to survive, politicians need to “market” their ideas. In democracies, they are voted in by their constituents and then need to keep a regular pulse on their stakeholders — those who helped vote … Continue reading

How To Beat Obama? Why Executives Need To Change Their Online Personality To Be Digital Influencers

Aside from running the biggest corporation in the world, Barack Obama has proven himself a master of digital marketing.  His 2012 repeat performance showed a seasoned, even more effective approach considering the new scope and breadth of audience available on … Continue reading

Do you know what your friends say about you… really?

You are your network With most of these social media networks, you can scope out who knows who with great ease.  When you are on Facebook, it’s awfully fun (scary?) to see whom among your friends knows each other.  But, … Continue reading

America: new market research needed!

Too tight to call? According to all the pre-Election media hype and poll results, the presidential elections in the US were “too tight to call” right up until the last minute. Yet, the final score in terms of electoral votes was … Continue reading