The unfair weather knell of democratic politics

We are in changing times (once again) and I must say that the picture reminds me of the grey and rainy may day (ie. help!) we are having in London (au Secours #RadioLondres), on this Monday, May 7, 2012. As … Continue reading

Thinking Blogger Awards Meets Blog Day 2007

It’s August 31st, BLOGDAY. Time to discover some new blogs. First, I would be remiss not to recognize Sarah at St Bloggie de Riviere for putting me up for a Thinking Blogger Award (see rules below)* and whose blog is … Continue reading

Ayn Rand and Malcolm Gladwell link (Blink!)

I have long extolled the philosophical writings of Ayn Rand. In the States, in certain circles, her name and writings are typically well known. In Paris, other than my wife (who is a big fan, too), I have yet to … Continue reading

Odd things adults say – Part 2 of 3

In a continuation of the favorite things kids say, this one is for the odd things adults say. The challenge with this is the cultural context. So, with my Western prejudice, I will limit my thoughts to the Anglo-Franco-American that … Continue reading