Reflections after my 25th Reunion at INSEAD on Life, Leadership & Business

I arrived in Fontainebleau (France) on the heels of a lot of travel, to return to where I spent a marvellous year at the INSEAD Business School. Truth be told, the reunion spirit started virtually well before thanks to Facebook … Continue reading

8 Most Importants Levers for Successful Elearning and Embedding Effectively into Your Organization

I have heard many an HR executive fret about how to make the company’s eLearning platform more effective. One of the key issues is figuring out to embed the habit of learning online into the organization. There are a number of obstacles that … Continue reading

Continuous learning – a strategic necessity: Bring back the kid in us all!

If Human Resources — and internal corporate universities — are still busily creating trainings and seminars to help managers to come to grip with the inevitable digital transformation, as Brian Solis likes to say, the real issue is to find … Continue reading

3 tips to improve your presentation skills via @mediacoach

I thought I would reprint a great set of tips and tricks from Alan Stevens, the excellent Media Coach and speaker*, for improving your presentations. Blanking out the screen. There are a number of ways to toggle the screen off, and … Continue reading

The Future of Learning – How should your company adapt and encourage constant learning?

Learning Organizations: New ways of managing As companies grapple with the effects and opportunities of the Internet, social media and the smartphone, internal organizations are having to adapt and transform to accommodate new ways of communicating, new marketing methods and … Continue reading

Great Presentations For Tweeting Digital Media Sound Bytes

A few nights ago, I was asked to deliver a speech at a Media Aces dinner on what makes a great presentation.  Below is a resume of what I said, but the point I wanted to highlight, thanks to a … Continue reading

Digital Education for kids: Take responsibility of your online reputation

“Exposed” is a very well crafted 10-minute video, launched just this past February 8th, 2011, that shows the wickedly fast way one’s life can get turned upside down by one unwise action. Out of a seemingly innocent act of sharing … Continue reading

Plain Training versus Learning & Growing – 7 key guidelines

How often have you attended a training seminar and left thinking “that was great… but was it really worth it?”  In my experience, here is, broadly, what happens in a typical 2-day off-site seminar: Much harried and run down from … Continue reading Continue reading